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What you need, when you need it most


A place to store all your clauses so you can stay organized and efficient. Now insert verbiage into a proposal at the click of a button. Enterprise users can share their clauses with their teams and company!

Track Changes

When you respond to proposals, your changes are now tracked automatically. We've simplified the process making it easy to understand what has changed throughout the life of the negotiation.


Create templates for all types of transactions and have them ready to go when you need them. Landlord and Tenant Representation.  Enterprise users can also share templates with their teams and company!


Enterprise users can create teams within their company to quickly add to proposals and to share templates. Just making it that much faster!


Streamlined communication. After sending a proposal, all parties involved are placed into a group chat called, "Conversations" where you can manage questions or concerns. So much faster than email.


Comments got a new look. We've modernized comments to look more like a chat log with the ability to tag users and specific verbiage. 

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