A digital workspace streamlining
CRE prospecting and proposals

Papertrade helps you mitigate time spent on labor intensive work, improving your deal flow and helping you grow your revenue faster. 

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Smarten your workflow...

Private Lead Sheet

A digitized lead sheet to help you manage your prospects that are private to you and/or your team before you enter into the company CRM. A great way to track you personal information. 

Agreements & Proposals

Create proposals in

real-time with your team using tools that will automate and expedite the negotiation process. Save time and close more deals.  

reimagine how you work.

  • Fully customizable spreadsheets

  • Individual, team, and/or company sharing

  • Real-time team collaboration

  • Centralized company and contact storage

  • High-volume personalized email outreach

  • API integrations to enhance data and sync with your CRM

  • Customizable & automated notifications

  • Top notch data security

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Work smarter, and harder


 Stay efficient & organized

  • Proposal template management

  • Easily download to Word or PDF

  • Automated document formatting 

  • Drag and drop verbiage & templates from your Glossary

  • Communicate in real-time with group chats 

  • Auto-saved and organized document versioning

  • Always one shared version saved in an organized folder

  • Automatically track changes (beta)


Features you need, when you need them most.

Contact Management

Log your leads into a smart spreadsheet that is tailored specifically for your sales needs. Create lists of your contacts to manage.

Organized Doc Versioning

Work off one draft that is a real-time centralized version so nothing is lost in translation and documents are generated efficiently, mitigating time between negotiations.

Mail Merge

Create shortlists of prospects and send out personalized emails to all contacts selected within seconds. Use tags like {{First_Name}} to personalize individual emails and save templates for rapid prospecting.

Document Creation

No more worrying about formating documents. When you start to type, your text is automatically formatted for you in a professional and customizable layout.


Customized automations to match your sales habits. Set email delivery dates, reminders, and more.

Glossary & Templates

Store clauses for your proposals within your personal and/or shared Glossary. Drag & drop verbiage into a proposal/contract and save templates.

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